5th Pantalon Noir Look: Ruffle Top


If you are feeling lazy but still want to impress, then the ruffle top for any Pantalon Noir look will add the ‘fancy’ vibe to it.

We got inspired by ‘Preen by Thomas Bregazzi’s Spring 2010 Ready to Wear’ collection. It’s simple, effortless, but duper stylish!

Make sure you tuck in the ruffle top at your waist, with a pair of high-waisted long trousers.

The items for this look will simply be:

  1. Beige Ruffle Top
  2. High-Waisted Black Trousers
  3. Black heels
  4. Gold watch/bracelets

Let your hair flow freely and your lips dapped with a tint of red.

Merci, and tune in for more Pantalon Noir


Ruffle top: http://www.choies.com/product/high-neck-shirt-with-ruffle-front_p20746








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