#3 Lifestyle Tip: 5 Best Ways to Relax

You might not have heard this one often, but our productivity and performance in work can actually be affected by how we relax – not how we work. If you don’t relax well, you won’t be able to work well either.

So rather than using up all your time on searching for ways to improve your study, your work performance etc etc… try sparing it a little for your break time.


  1. Ignore all social media/internet/TV

Stay away from Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram… leave it all for the end of the day (unless there is an emergency). Going on the internet or any social media account can distract your mind and keep you in eagerness to constantly check it. So just ignore it.


  1. Get a soothing drink

Get up and grab yourself a nice refreshing drink to nourish your mind. Go for juices or a simple mint/lemon water rather than caffeine, it’s always better to hydrate yourself.


  1. Take care of your body

Whether you have been sitting on for too long or constantly walking, let your body breathe during relaxation. Stretch for a while, move your muscles, go for a walk (that is if you’ve been sitting down) or lie down and relax if you were always on the go. A healthy body produces a healthy mind

  1. Fix your appearance

We can sometimes get messy during study/work. So to start fresh again, go and brush your hair, add some lotion to your body, wash and moisturize your skin…do anything that would help you come back to work with a neat look.

  1. Get some fresh aiiiiiiir!

Lastly but not least, if the weather is great that day, go out and get some fresh air, greenery and sunlight. It will help you calm down and reflect peacefully, without anything to distract you.


Merci, have a wonderful time relaxingggg J


Xo, Pantalon Noir


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