Living Like An Artist

Hey guys,

Over the past few weeks, I have been unwilling to do any work whatsoever after the semester ended. And knowing who I am, this kind of lifestyle depressed me entirely – it brought no passion, no ambition and no excitement. But more importantly, it brought no individuality. I feel that the most powerful way to manifest your identity is through your work; it is putting all your energy into something and letting out your ideas, your creativity and your own input towards it. At the end of it, you feel the most whole and complete with your self, and you no longer seek other trivial things to define you.

A person that comes to my mind as I am discussing this topic is Pablo Picasso. He was an artist, but even better than that – he lived like an artist. How many of us are great mathematicians, teachers, scientists or writers but never actually live as them, or as the roles they prescribe? It is so common, and sometimes I find myself falling into that trap. It is better to live a miserable life with an identity than with no identity at all; it is better go through suffering, heartache, depression and all kinds of damage as you are passionate in your work, than to go through all that and not have passion at all.

And this is why I will always take my work seriously – because I want to live a life full of passion.

And what happens to a life without passion? It dies out.


1 thought on “Living Like An Artist

  1. well said! it’s not enough to just do your passion, one must live their passion

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