Why do we feel demotivated?

Hey guys!

So summer can be a LONG vacation, even for those who work, and sometimes we can go from feeling super exuberant and cheerful at one point to feeling completely down and demotivated at another. Events happen so fast that you don’t take the time to step back and ask yourself: hold on, WHY am I upset about this?

You want to achieve so many things, do so many things, meet new lovers/friends and create all those crazy expectations, and while it’s good to be so full of energy and ambition, sometimes it can get out of control.

Over the years, I discovered that going slowly is the most powerful way to achieve anything efficiently. We live in a world where Hollywood movies and celebrity pop culture constantly sell us this idea that success moves at the pace of a roller coaster – voom and you’re there. But that’s not how it is, and it shouldn’t be.

We often feel demotivated because we are not enjoying the bliss of taking it slowly, of planning without any time constraints and of simply acknowledging that it is impossible to have everything – everything – go your way.

Always put yourself above any negative emotion. Sure, you can allow it to swim inside you for a while, but never let it diffuse into your body so quickly that you cannot get it out anymore.

Go out and eat dessert, cut out the toxic things in your life, and remember this bittersweet truth: that you only, only, live once. So to the hell with anything that pulls you down!

Xo, Pantalon Noir


3 thoughts on “Why do we feel demotivated?

  1. Farah Gasimzade 25 Jul 2018 — 2:49 pm

    this was so needed to me right now. thanks for this post !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awww well I wrote it because I needed it too 🙂 hope you’re well now xox

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Farah Gasimzade 25 Jul 2018 — 4:18 pm

    Yes! Thank 💕


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