Name: Mirna Khaled

Nationality: Egyptian

Age: 18-20

In actuality, I write short stories and poems on my other blog (www.amonsoonofwords.wordpress.com), but I decided to create this blog for fun and experience. For everything I post, I intend to write it for myself and about what I generally like/prefer, and I decided to share this publicly for other style bloggers to comment and share their ideas.

I am not an expert in fashion. This is only a simple idea I came up with during the summer holidays to create more time for enjoyment.

The idea of ‘Pantalon Noir’ came about because of what I usually love to wear – black trousers. I dislike jeans and, as the blog posts will show, many other things that are quite popular in today’s fashion.

In my opinion, this is not, as it seems to be, a ‘fashion blog’, but rather a way to encourage me to come up with new ways of dressing modestly and chic 🙂 Hope you enjoy!